Book Review – Cold River Resurrection by Enes Smith

urlTitle: Cold River Resurrection

Author: Enes Smith

Genre: Thriller

Series or Standalone: The Cold River Series – Book 2


City girl Jennifer Kruger got more than she bargained for when she trespassed on the Cold River Indian Reservation, searching for Bigfoot. She became lost and stumbled upon grisly evidence of murder and mutilation. Rescued by Cold River Tribal Police Lieutenant “Smokey” Kukup, and caught up in a modern war, she seeks to stay alive as she finds herself attached to Smokey and his precocious nine-year-old daughter.

Cold River Resurrection is an action-filled thriller set on a modern day reservation.



I judge a book by my eagerness to return to it, to get back to the action. This book kept me coming back often, and was firmly a four-star book…until the book’s climactic scene, when the realism that had been firmly established throughout the book was thrown out the window in favor of something out of left field – a convenient way to excise the main characters from a seemingly inescapable situation.

Despite my disappointment in the novel’s climax, I still enjoyed the book. The plot moved at a pace that kept me engaged and wanting more. Where else are you going to find a book with Sasquatch hunters, a drug cartel, and an Indiana reservation? It took a while, but the author did a convincing job of weaving all disparate plot lines together into a cohesive and (mostly) convincing story.

The author also developed interesting characters. “Smokey” Kukup is the strong, silent type – an American Indian man raising his nine-year-old daughter Laurel following the overdose death of his wife. He struggles with guilt over the death of his wife while wanting a better life for Laurel, who has unwavering love for and faith in her father.

And then there is Jennifer Kruger, a young woman lost in the woods while hunting for Sasquatch with her boyfriend. She is rescued by Smokey, and as the story progresses, they begin to develop feelings for one another. A little predictable? Absolutely, but the budding relationship develops at a believable pace rather than the two just hopping into the sack. And, it develops to the delight of Laurel, who feels an immediate bond with Jennifer, a feeling that is reciprocated by Jennifer.

Bottom line: Cold River Resurrection, despite a few flaws, is a good book and worth your time, especially if you enjoy books by the likes of Tony Hillerman. The information about American Indians and their beliefs adds a different dynamic to character and plot development.


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