Interview: Author Lucy Pireel Opens Up About Writing and Her Other Love, Yoga

P7140751Lucy Pireel is a writer who doesn’t let herself be restricted to any one genre. She loves to write in whatever direction her current story leads her.

When she’s not writing, or reading, she is practicing or teaching yoga, her other passion. Or she could be on a long hike somewhere in the beautiful British nature.

Being an author, it is almost a given she has a great love for chocolate and coffee to live on while writing, but she doesn’t shy away from trying to prepare intricate dishes, for cooking is another thing she enjoys.

Lucy, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.  How are you doing today?

Not too bad I guess. Hey, I’m alive, live in a reasonably comfortable house, have a hot meal every day (if I choose so) and friends that care about me. What’s there to complain about? Hahaha, I could come up with a few things, but that would make me a moaning princess. 🙂

In your bio, you mention that you are a coffee lover.  What’s your favorite type of coffee and why?

Brazilian, fresh ground, strong and unsweetened. Why? It tastes like no other coffee, and I’ve tasted almost all varieties that are out there.

As someone who loves to cook, what are some of your favorite dishes?  How is cooking related to your writing?

Stir fries, pastas, and recreating restaurant food, or even better the favourite recipes authors I interview give me. It doesn’t really have a relation to my writing, because if you would ask me if there’s a food my characters consume regularly, there’s none. But I do like to have my characters poison each other. 🙂

Do they poison each other using food?

Ah, now that would be giving away the plot, but it does spring to mind. 🙂 And since poison is a woman’s choice of murder weapon…. So you can imagine where my stories lead to, right?

As an author, how do you promote your work?

I must admit that for all the promoting I do for others, my own work doesn’t get the time and attention it should get from me. But when I promote for myself, it’s usually Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I have my site on which all my books can be found, and my blog, All That’s Written, where I showcase authors and books which I also use to promote my work. All that I post there automatically goes to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and then I am on Triberr, which increases my reach to 4-million plus. Which one does the most? My bet is on Google+ reader communities in combination with Twitter, but only if not all Tweets are of the spammy kind. You know? The “Buy My Book” kind of Tweets.

Who are some of your favorite authors?  What draws you to their work?

Hmmm, I haven’t really got favorite authors, it depends on the writing. For example, take Ender’s Game. I love this book by Orson Scott Card, but his Alvin series does nothing for me. The same goes for quite a few famous and indie authors. But to be honest, I’m not the kind of person who idolizes any single author. A book appeals to me or it doesn’t, independent of who the author is.

How long have you been a yoga practitioner?

You aren’t supposed to ask a lady for her age! Hahaha, let me answer that with a riddle. It’s quite a while. I had my first yoga lesson when I was eighteen and that’s eleven years less than how long ago I’ve first did yoga. 🙂

How did you become interested in yoga?

I had an accident and had to have extensive therapy to ever be able to function normally. My therapist told me about yoga and I tried it. Soon enough I fell in love with it and that love never died. Being the person that I am, I wanted to know all there is about yoga and became a teacher, which I still do.

How is yoga connected to your writing?

Everything, each person, all that’s living, is connected to my writing because I am connected to it, and through me, all that I do and love has a bond with my work. I am what I write. Or as they say, “Write what you know.” But apart from the belief that the real person behind the author is always to be found in the author’s work, I think that the connection between yoga and my work is in the fact that yoga allows my brain to focus and me to write.

Tell me about your daily yoga and writing routine?

Well, I start the day with at least an hour of yoga to clear the head of all the nightly clutter and get things aligned again, ready to tackle the day. Then I have a coffee or two and open up the good old Macbook to clear the inbox and answer any emails that need answering to tend to my blog, and then it’s writing time, or editing depending of the state of my work.

How long have you been writing?  When did you publish your first book?

I’ve been writing professionally for more than twenty six years, but fiction writing didn’t really start until my son asked for pirate stories in which real things happened, and I had to come up with something. My first book isn’t even those stories, but Red Gone Bad, and that was published in December 2012. But that wasn’t the first thing ever that I had published. My first publication was a sci-fy diptych for Isotropic Fiction, which even made it to cover article.

What are you currently working on?

My first full length novel, 90-thousand words. It’s a paranormal, erotic, crime novel, working title Origins Revealed, on which I’ve been working for the past two years, but now finally think I am in final draft and ready to get it to the editor.

I just finished the first draft of my first novel, which weighed in at just under 45-thousand words.  I know that I have a lot to add and to clean up.  How many revisions have you done for Origins Revealed?  Do you remember the word count after you finished the first draft?

After the first draft I had around the same word count as you. Second draft was almost 180K, but then came the weeding and cutting out of filling clutter, until after draft twenty, I am now ready for editing, and am confident to say this is the final draft, unless the last batch of betas come up with major gripes and more change is needed.

Like you, I am a lover of the outdoors.  I am especially drawn to the water- the ocean, a lake, or a river.  There is a quiet power in the water that fascinates me, and an element of the unknown – that which is unseen beneath the surface.  What draws you to nature?

To be honest, the absence of humans. Though I am a very social person, I also have a great need to be alone, to be absolutely without human contact. The rest and tranquil violence of nature is a great inspiration, and a way to show our own human nature.

How often do you get a chance to be alone, to disconnect from humanity?  Is it enough?

Not nearly often enough, but I am lucky to live close to a forest and some wonderful hiking trails, plus the neighbor’s dog is always happy to take a walk, so when things get too crowded I take off, even if it’s only for half an hour. But the past year has been crazy busy, and I’ve not had as much alone time as I would love to, and with writing, editing, blogging, and my yoga teaching picking up, even more it looks like 2014 is going to be a busy year too. So, no it’s not enough, and it gets me in a state of anxiety, but when I feel that coming, I take the proverbial hike. 🙂

Give me a list of five things that people would be surprised to know about you.

I don’t know if I want to share the last few secrets that I have left. 🙂 But I won’t be a party-pooper and give you at least one, or two.

Right, here goes nothing. I would love to get my chainsaw and climbing certificate to become a certified arborist. And that ties in with the next thing. I once almost chopped off my right index finger when I buried a small ax in the joint while chopping kindling.

But let me tell you a thing that’s really surprising, I can’t have a lie-in. No matter how late I’ve gone to bed, I’m awake with the rising of the sun.

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One thought on “Interview: Author Lucy Pireel Opens Up About Writing and Her Other Love, Yoga

  1. LucyPireel says:

    Thanks for interviewing me. You questions were off the beatne track and fun to answer as well as forced me to take a good hard look at myself.

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