Book Review: ANTics by Dakota Douglas


ANTics is the story of three young ants, one of whom is shy, reserved, and lacks confidence in himself.  Throughout this exciting children’s story, the three friends are pursued by Puggy, a stinky spider who wants nothing more than to make a snack out of them.  Relying on each other’s strengths, the three friends are finally able to outwit the spider.

There are some important lessons that are taught in this story, such as teamwork, the value of true friendship, the importance of community cohesion, and courage.  The story also teaches that the best way to help someone gain confidence is to give them the opportunity to be successful.

There are a couple of interactive activities at the end of the book, encouraging kids to be creative thinkers and writers.  I enjoyed this book a lot, and will share it with my granddaughter when she is a little older.



One thought on “Book Review: ANTics by Dakota Douglas

  1. birgitta says:

    Sounds good to me, thank you, birgitta

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