Book Review: For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon


For Nothing opens with a very graphic description of cop named Jack getting shot.  My first thought was, ‘If the rest of the book is as good as this opening scene, I’m in for one hell of a ride.’  The book proceeds from there, told through the eyes of two characters.  Alex Vaughn is an undercover cop hell-bent on avenging the death of his friend and partner Jack.  Jack’s killer, Rafael Rontego, is a hired assassin for the Buffalo mafia.

The author does a nice job of bringing to life the politics and inner workings that play out within an organized crime family.  However, the plot is one that is all-too-common almost to the point of being hackneyed: a cop seeking revenge for the death of his partner.  Also, the book would have benefitted from some additional editing.  There were numerous grammatical and punctuation errors, which detracted from the story.  Finally, that protagonist and antagonist were poorly developed characters.  Alex Vaughn was stereotypical cop whose relationship with his wife is broken because he simply cares too much about his job.  Rafael Rontego was a little more interesting.  He came off as the assassin who is capable of love, but is reluctant to entertain the idea of a relationship because of the nature of work, and because he was hurt by a woman he loved in the past.

Bottom line: I enjoyed a lot of this book, and the pacing was great, but the cardboard characters and poor editing really detracted from the overall quality of the book.



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